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Repeat Prescriptions

Oakdale Veterinary Centre complies with RCVS guidelines regarding the dispensing of medicines, therefore we can only provide repeat prescriptions to animals ‘under our care’. For the majority of medications this means that your pet must have been seen within the last six months. Checks may be required more frequently for certain medications. This is in the interest of your animal’s health and is a legal requirement.

Repeat Prescriptions can be ordered online or by telephone. Please order in plenty of time to allow your prescription to be filled. Prescriptions ordered before 4pm will be ready for collection by 4pm the next working day. In an emergency a same day prescription can be filled (there is a very small extra charge), please telephone for this service.

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Written Prescriptions

We recognise that clients may wish to use a written prescription and are very happy to provide them. A £12 charge is applied to each written prescription per medication and each prescription can be used a total of three times (apart from for some controlled drugs which can only be prescribed for one month). Please order your written prescription using the form above, stating WRITTEN in the text to avoid confusion.

 Order Form

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